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Portable P.A.

Our finished Portable PA Systems range from 25 to 250 watts RMS and feature built-in battery with wireless microphones.

Wireless Systems

We are proud to present our high quality ANALOG VHF/UHF and true Digital wireless microphone systems.

Audio Mixers

Professional ANALOG audio mixers from 4 channels to 64 channels,DSP effector and build-in amplifiers.

Conference Mic

User friendly solution,we produce wired & wireless conference systems for all meetings and conventions.

Wired Mic

Outstanding sound solution, with wide range of dynamic and condenser for all kinds of vocal and music instruments.


Excellent sound quality, hifi Ergonomic ear canal phones,Wired and Digital Wireless headphones for splendid sound.


Top Hifi stage loudspeaker, and the high quality full range KTV speakers, subwoofers series and accessories.

Guitar Amplifiers

5 watts to 100 watts portable guitar amplifiers sufficient in small show and music recording studio.

Stage Lighting

With innovation lighting control system and LED stage lighting,everything is simple and easy to control.

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Our Mission

Ristar Industrial looks first to the needs of our clients. We are geared to manufacture high quality, high end products as well as good quality lower priced electronics. Whatever your market or need you can find your best choice right here. For prompt reply to your questions in English please inquire of or, Our friendly, professional customer service staff will contact you within 24 hours.