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VHF Dual channel destop Microphone Series : It provides the much required sound reinforcement at meetings while eliminating problems of poor intelligibility and acoustic feedback. The system is ideal for use in a variety of applications in Boardrooms, Large Conference Halls as well as open conferencing in Convention Centres. upto 16 sets of this conference systems (32 of desktop microphones) can be used in one meeting room without any frequency jam. With the Carrier Frequency Range: VHF210 – 270MHz, Sensitive Condenser desktop meeting microphones.

VHF 4 channels & 8 channe Meeting Microphone Series : This series of four channels wireless desktop meeting microphone and eight channels wireless meeting microphone systems are designed for economic meeting room solution. With the Carrier Frequency Range: VHF180 – 280MHz, upto 16 microphones can be used in the same meeting hall for this Eight Channels Wireless systerm without interference. Low battery consumption, Two new batteries can provide more than 12 meeting hours continually. Highly sensitive 16" long gooseneck microphone for comfortable use and Bright and clear ring LED indicator.

UHF Dual-channel Multiple Frequencies Conference Microphone Series : With the Carrier Frequency UHF 500-980MHz range ,adopt PLL combined technology ,and the transmitter power is adjustable ,they can be used several sets at the same time without interference. Both goose desktop microphones and receiver have LCD display. Diversity receiver wireless systerm, echo adjustable. Low battery consumption, with two 1.5V AA batteries can provide you more than 16 outstanding meeting hours or using 2200 mAh lithium batteries can provide 22 meeting hours.

UHF four channels Mutiple Frequencies Conference System : It is ultimate wireless meeting microphone,convention system, conference system.Both desktop meeting microphone and microphone receiver have fashionable LCD display design.Integrated discussion system, voting systems, multifunctional conferencing solution. It is a digital conference system,infrared link the microphone transmitters and receivers, and with the most advanced pilot frequency function to avoid being interfered by other frequencies or harmonic waves and spurious.Each wireless system has four wirelss destop microphone, and each microphone has 100 frequencies.

UHF Eight Channel Fixed Frequencies Conference Systems : The powerfull eight channels conciseness wireless conference system with 8 Gooseneck Microphones (Desktop microphones), and with ,noise locked & pilot tone locked,upto eight systems ,sixty four desktop microphone can be used in the same conference room without interference each other.All metal, small, exquisite and fashionable surface design LCD display meeting microphone,With unidirectional condenser cartridge, High Sensitive Condenser desktop Conference Microphone with High Quality Sound Reproduction. It's idea for middle size meeting hall .

UHF Eight Channel Muti-Frequencies Wireless Conference Systems : This series of UHF PLL 8 channels wireless conference microphone can be used more than 20 systems at the same time without interference, upto 200 units of desktop conference microphones in the meeting hall.Both receiver system and transmitter have fashionable LCD display and infrared link match the frequencies between receiver and transmitter. Lapel microphone, headset microphone, handheld microphone and desktop discussing microphone is available. The speakers can choose any kinds of microphone suitable for them.

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