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Live Show Mixing Console Series : This Sound mixers (Live show series sound desks,sound consoles or sound boards) is A powerful, flexible environment for live performance. Seamlessly integrates a professional digital mixer with a complete multi-channel Fat-Channel processing with 4-band EQs, compressors, limiters and gates, DSP effects. XMAX Class A microphone preamplifiers for all types of microphones.Not expense but it comes to sound quality. Analog input and output is converted to digital audio with the highest-quality digital converters available from 4 channels to 16 Channels.

Completed Featured Live Analog Mixing Console Series : High Quality Audio Mixer and all input modules have 3-band EQ,Stereo input modules have a balance control instead,Echo control, DSP processor,USB 2.0 input for mixing desk,chorus control. 8 channels audio mixing console, 12 channels, 16 channels,24 channels,32 channels and 64 channels mixers available for this series of analog mixing desk.This is also Multipurpose live sound recording and TV sound mixer,Fully modular high end digital ON-AIR broadcast audio mixers.This is portalbe sound mixer can satisfy most of the live show.

Professional Power Amplifier Series : High power but low noise Amplifier seriesiIncluding FP series amplifier model FP7000/FP9000/FP15000/FP6000Q/FP10000Q; FPS series amplifier model FPS300/FPS800/FPS1000; EPX Series and EP amplifier; RMX series amplifier, RV series amplifier, OPS series, SA-X/D-S series amplifier.Smart cooling to protect overheating amplifier system,and protect speaker overload.1200Watts, 1800Watts to 9600watts available.Two to Four channels to satify different situation requirement.It's High power live show amplifiers series.

High Power Digital Amplifiers & Automobile Amplifier Series : With the most advanced digital amplifier technology, it provides utmost original sound quality.Low comsumption but high power sound, ranging from 150Watts to 1100 watts.This Top quality HiFi Automobile amplifier provides unprecedented car audio enjoyment.With built-in DSP processor and a removable control panel,hihg power and compact car amplifier series for different kinds of cars and trucks.Class D Full Range Amplifier ranging from 55Watts at 4 Ohm speaker to 150Watts,Remote control EQ is available.

Professional Mixing Console, DJ Console Series : Full featured Live Anoloy Mixing console model GB8/GB4/RMV 4 BUS/GL2400;Live or Recording Mixing console Series model GL FX/RMV 2 BUS/PRO FX/ RMV/RVFX/RA/ME/CFX/M/EM/SMR/MT/ZED/PV/VLZ/MFXI/MG All series 8 channels, 12 channels, 16 channels, 32 channels and 64 channels audio mixer.Compact, dual function, LR, Mono superpositiono, 4 groups, 6 aux, 7 X 4 matrix console and stereo channenels.USB players And SD player for MP3/MP4,16 DSP echo control, chorus control, delay control. .

Powered Mixing Console buildin Amplifier Series : PMR/PM/P/X/PT/PME series Stereo Powered Mixer w/DSP effects.Now is Available for 4 channels to 16 channels and dual 250Watts to dual 900watts.It is a powerful all-in-one PA solution: Compact, lightweight design, and Integrated Solutions for Superior Live Sound.Specially for musicians, performers, speakers, and club operators because of the friendly setup.High-quality sound system based on a high-performance powered mixer series,High-efficiency Power Amplifiers,all series Powered Mixers offer a range of features that let you mix your unrivalled sound quality. .

KTV Amplifier & Audio Equipments : .Digital Karaoke pre-amplifier,DSP karaoke processor,KTV products,digital karaoke processor, Pro audio Amplifier series for KTV ranging from 150Watts to 1200watts.Best for coliseum,disco,stage,winebar,meetingroom.Strong feedback control, 7 bands Analog EQ and 15 bands of digital Equalizer, Echo, Reverb,chorus effect build in this KTV amplifier.Music response from 20Ha to 22KHz.Low power consumptions. Build in booster amplifier for Karaoke microphone and amplifier.And make sure to give you to the wonderful original sound quality.

Audio Processors & DSP effectors : Speaker Processor, Effects, Stereo Equalizer, Feedback Destroyer, Electronic Crossover, Voltage Limitter, Power Sequence Controller, Signal Splitter, Frequency Shift and Exciter and all series of audio processors and effectors. Accomplish by 32 bit DSP effectors. Mic & Aux Input and XLR out put, Line Output for connecting to a Booster Amplifier and Preamplifier,LED display. Upto 28 bands RTA auto equalizer and more than 32 preset program(effects), Powered by DC or AC if needed. this is a powerful audio processor series, user friendly and more. .

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