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Portable Guitar Amplifiers

Build-in Li-battery Portable Guitar Amplifier Series : With output power from 10W to 30W portable Guitar Amplifiers, it has Reverb, Chorus,Delay, Distortion,Overdrive and all kinds of guitar effects. Buildin high capability lithium battery so it will provide hours of portable playing anywhere, anytime.Also it uses high desity speaker in stead of normal speaker, so the 10W of this amplifier can as loud as normal 40W, and provide extremely clear sound. Integrated MP3 player and Audio input jack, you can play music together with guitar. It's the best choice for guitar professional players .

Integrated Guitar Effects Portable Amplifiers Series : This is a stereo guitar amplifier intergrated necessary effects ranging from 30W to 60W. With rechargeable lead-acid batteries It has USB/TF MP3 connector,so the music could play gather the guitar.Headphone Jack and Audio input jack on rear panel.Just connect with your IPOD or cellphone is could play music, or you can plug in headphone for practice if you do want to disturb others.It's a portable practice guitar amplifier and can also use for small guitar show.Also, it a recording studio guitar amplifier.

High Power Tube Guitar Amplifier Series : This series is high power Tube Guitar Amplifier ranging from 50Watts, 80Watts, 100Watts and 250 Watts. It can cope with most of the medium sized guitar performance, and also the huge music concert using our Guitar microphones to pick up the sound. As always, the tube guitar amplifier provides you the absolutely clear sound. Effects: Overdrive Reverb,Delay,Chorus, Distortion. Functions: Clean Volume, Bass Middle Treble, ODS/W, Overdrive, Gain Level, Max Bass Middle Treble ,Effect Level, Delay, CD Input ,USB MP3 input Jack, Foot Switch, Line Output .

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Ristar Industrial looks first to the needs of our clients. We are geared to manufacture high quality, high end products as well as good quality lower priced electronics. Whatever your market or need you can find your best choice right here. For prompt reply to your questions in English please inquire of or, Our friendly, professional customer service staff will contact you within 24 hours.