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Factory 1:
Liantan Industrial District Sandong Avenue Xinhua Town, Huadu Guangzhou, Guangdong
Factory 2:
Building B Kimhui Industrial Park, Dongfengnan Road, Enping City, Guangdong

RISTAR Incorporated

Creative, Innovate & Passionate defines the essence of Ristar Industrial Group. We are attuned to the most advanced electronics technologies in the market today. Since year 2000 we’ve built and equipped modern factories and staffed them with a senior MCU engineering team. We OEM & ODM many thousands of audio products for countless well known popular brands, worldwide. Ristar endeavors to establish factories for assembly and distributors for sales in every major country around the globe. Our quality and our price compete favorably with anyone. Today, Ristar Industrial has succeeded in becoming the most professional and competitive P.A and wireless systems providers world wide.

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Our Mission

Ristar Industrial looks first to the needs of our clients. We are geared to manufacture high quality, high end products as well as good quality lower priced electronics. Whatever your market or need you can find your best choice right here. For prompt reply to your questions in English please inquire of or, Our friendly, professional customer service staff will contact you within 24 hours.