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Professional LED Stage Lighting Series : RGB LED is the best solution for stage lighting with its flowery color and competitive smart lighting control system, it makes your stage gorgeous. Besides, LED also largely use in theatre lighting,dmx lighting, moving lights and generic lighting.It's very convenient to install,safy and easy. We use top quality LED chips which from Cree and Epistar. It can reach 120 Lumen for each one watt LED bulbs. We are mainly using 1W & 3W led bulbs so it can.We provide complete series of LED stage light and LED digital display. It makes you stage professional with model LED lights.

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Ristar Industrial looks first to the needs of our clients. We are geared to manufacture high quality, high end products as well as good quality lower priced electronics. Whatever your market or need you can find your best choice right here. For prompt reply to your questions in English please inquire of or, Our friendly, professional customer service staff will contact you within 24 hours.