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Portable PA Systems

Waistband (Bodypack) P.A Series : These portable P.A systems are designed for highly portable voice amplification for public speakers, entertainers, tour guides, auctioneers, outdoor events, etcetera. They achieve 30 watts of power output. The sound is loud and can cover a radius of 800 meters (half a mile) in open areas. It features a Digital Amplifier circuit for low power consumption at a high rate audio output. It is made with a high density speaker and is powered by a rechargeable 2400mAh lithium battery cell. The unit includes: MP3 USB player, SD player and an FM radio to play music continuously for more than 10 hours.

Schoolroom (seminar) Series VHF Portable Wireless P.A System : These systems include VHF wireless transmitters and receivers. They are available in 35w, 45w and 55 Watt models. The unit sits stationary on floor, table or chair to allow the speaker to roam around the room or stage simply with the small wireless microphone. The system powered by a built-in no-maintenance lead-acid, rechargeable battery cell and include a charger. They can feature 120 selectable frequencies to avoid frequency overlap jamming if multiple units are used in nearby rooms. The microphone(transmitter) is available for hand-held or body-pack(lapel mic or head-set mic).

Most Popular Series Portable VHF Wireless PA : This is our most popular portable PA because of its power and stylish appearance. It features a 16.5 cm (6.5 inch) speaker with power output of 35 watts that produces a powerful sound {audible at open distances up to half a mile?} The effective distance of the VHF transmitter from wireless microphone to unit is more than 60 meters (200 feet) if unobstructed. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This unit is perfect to amplify the voices of people or to be used to play music for entertainment. It includes built-in USB/SD MP3 player, a wired microphone input and etc.

Portable PA UHF Wireless Series : Top quality of Portable P.A system assembly with UHF wireless microphone system. Clean sound,low interference from outside frequency, and long distance operation distance more than 300 feet in open area. Best solution to reduce the drop point( blind area). completed with High density speaker for clear sound and for powerful sound. Using the high capacity lithium battery for more power but light weight. Longer batter span life and shorten the charging hours.The sound is loud as the traditional 75watts PA systems. Please contact us for more info...

Multi-function VHF wireless Portable PA : These multip function Portable PA system series is one of our best seller series. Can copy with all of most of the occasion. Assembly with wireless microphones (handheld,lapel mic or headset mic option).With echo & tone control.Wired microphone inputs and AUX inputs. Built in DC 12V--5AH x 2pcs rechargeable batteries and universal smart battery charger .Built in DC-DC power boost circuit.Built in audio clip limited control circuit.Built in 30Hz low cut circuit. full range 4Ω8" speaker for RMS 30 watts max,Wireless service range for more than 35M max in VHF.

HiFi Portable Wirless PA Series : Top HiFi 2.4G wirless Portable P.A system. The secondary speaker is using the wireless 2.4G digital to transfer the audio signal. No cable is required to connect the master speaker and secondary speaker. Each with 8" speaker and horn tweeter. Completed with condensor handheld rechargable lithium battery microphone and the working our can reach 32 hours continually. Top class digital amplifier circuit for lower battery consumption but more powerful sound. Smart charger and use exterior 12V DC power directly if run out of its battery inside.

High Power Li Buildin Digital Portable PA Systems : This High power Multipurpuse wireless movable PA amplifier speaker system build in 12V 4.5AH X 2 pcs lithium batteries. Build in 8" speaker and horn tweeter. 2 wired microphone inputs & 1 balance input &2 routes four RCA jacks for 2 AUX inputs & one external DC 12V power input. 40 watts RMS max, 40Hz-20KHz Frequency response. 3 band EQ. Volume, Master Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass control and echo control. Buildin UHF wireless microphone system is optional for this High power PA amplifier series.Can hang on your shoulder or hand carry.

150 Watts High Power Global function Movable PA Series :Super Value High power portable wireless guitar series can reach 150Watts RMS. Completed with 4" tweeter and 10" woofer. 7 band EQ control. Build in Two channel wireless microphone system, and 12V 12AH lead-acid battery and smart battery charger, USB/SD player, and CD player. Two inputs for Wired microphone and two for Guitar inputs. External DC power supplier connector, low back ground noise and clear sound. Echo, Chorus and delay for Guitar Effects.It's idea for teaching class, shopping mall promotion, assembly hall and other outside entertainment.

250W High Power Multiple Fucntion KTV PA Systems: The most power movable/portable PA system For outdoor KTV, party, stage performance, and large assembly hall. Build in fashionable LCD TV set and DVD player, CD player, SD/USB player and support most of the nowaday video and audio format. Multiple channel wireless microphone system, inputs for wired microphone and for electric guitar. 18V 22AH batteries for excellent performance, Smart electricity meter display the battery status accurately. Remote control for DVD, CD,volume and effect control. Distortion control, chorus control, delay control and echo control for guitar input.

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