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Professional Headphones Series : All kinds of Full-range audio Studio Headphones, DJ Headphones,Monitoring Headphones, Reference Headphones and Multimedia Headpones. Extremely lightweight design with smooth, extended highs and Optimized for monitoring and accurate listening,Optimized for DJ mixing, delivering the highest level performance and premium features for the professional DJ.Optimized for studio recording and critical listening. Perfect for general listening, offering excellent sound reproduction and comfort.

Audio Fancier Cellphones Earphones Series: Sound Isolating Headset, Headset with Remote + Mic A stereo mobile headset. For Apple products and other music-enabled phones.Compatible with music-enabled phones with 3.5mm jack. Inline microphone and one-button remote.Compatible with select Apple products. Integrated three-button remote + mic.Superb stereo sound,In-line volume control ,In-Ear-Design cuts out distracting background noise.It combines an ultra-light in-ear design with excellent sound quality – so you can enjoy internet telephony, entertainment and gaming all day long, MP3 Player, Laptop,Apple,cellphone or PC, .

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Ristar Industrial looks first to the needs of our clients. We are geared to manufacture high quality, high end products as well as good quality lower priced electronics. Whatever your market or need you can find your best choice right here. For prompt reply to your questions in English please inquire of or, Our friendly, professional customer service staff will contact you within 24 hours.