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Pocket-size Mini VHF Wireless Microphone Series: It is Compact and Functional VHF wirless microphone series for Schoolroom/classroom, for teacher and for any any kinds of speech hall. Lapel mic, Lavaliere mic, headset mic and handheld mic is available for this mini wireless microphone system. Upto 120 frequencies selectable, so it allow you to have more user to us the mic in all of your schoolroom without frequencies jam. Power by 1.5V AA batt. and DC adaptor, no need to worry about the electric power cut while teaching. High Audio performance, lightweight and easy operate, excellent sound portable wireless mic system.

VHF Dual-Channel Economic Wireless microphone Series: Home use Karaoke microphone.Operating on VHF high band frequency within 180MHz to 280MHz, the other frequency is not easy to jam its frequencies. Crystal-controlled circuit, including two wireless transmitters for one system, combinations of handheld microphone, lavaliere Microphones, Headset Microphones and Guitar Microphone. The microphone receiver sensitivity is adjustable so that it can handle different situations.It is supper value VHF wireless microphone system series that everyone is Affordable to own. Opeating range up to 100 ft.

VHF Upgraded Wireless Microphone Series: This is high class VHF wireless microhone series for higher demand for excellent sound quality. These microphone systems are recommending to use as KTV microhone or stage microphone and also used to VCD, DVD or LD. With the advanced audio companding circuit and diversity receiver system to eliminate blind area and longer operating distance. LCD for RF signal display and VFD display for audio level. Power by 1.5V AA batt. and DC adaptor. It can have Echo/reverb function for professional Karaoke microphone.Four channels microphone is available for this series.

UHF Dual-Channel Popular Series: UHF 470-860MHz used for frequency carrier wave for this economical wireless microphone system, Low interference. Inexpensive and good quality, this series of popular UHF microphones are the best choice for any high class Karaoke place and KTV. Audio expand & compress technic used to guarantee the perfect timbre.SLX2/Beta58 Dynamic Supercardioid cartridge, More than 12 sets of wireless systems can be used simultaneously. You can choose 12 handheld microphones, bodypack transmitter with lapel or headset microphone or mix them. 1.5V AA batt. or 9V battery is available.

UHF Dual-Channel True Diversity Wireless Series: This Audio Switching Diversity wireless receiver systems use two separate receivers, selecting the audio output of one of the receivers. It is quite effective at overcoming dropouts and improve the operating distance. Normal operating distance for wireless system can reach more than 300ft, and for addition gain antenna, it can reach about 900 ft. This series of wireless microphone system is idea for school playground, open piazza shows and stadium and any other long distance surroundings.classic and compact design.

UHF 4 channels & 8 Channels Series : Four channels and eight channels UHF wireless microphone is for most of the live shows/ performance such as promotion conference(party), small stage proformace because one system consist of four microphones or eight microphones and it is easy and enough for the sponsor to set up.4 microphone channels or 8 microphone channels with individual volume controls.This is the most competitive and supper value professional Fixed frequency UHF wireless microphone series.Two mounting joint can settle the wireless system on the rack while for live performance.

UHF Multi-channel(32 frequencies) Wireless Microphone Series : Entry level dual channel multiple frequencies PLL wireless microphone system can use 32 frequencies or 64 frequencies. Handheld mic, bodaypack is available.Also, the self rechargeable handheld microphone and bodypack mircophone is available. With the adjustable PLL frequencies band from 700MHz to 900MHz( depend on frequency permission of the local country).No Spurious(harmonic wave)so it won't interfere the normal working condition of your other equipment. Operating distance up 300 feet and can fulfill most of the working condition.

UHF Dual 100 Frequencies Infrared Wireless Systems: With stable infrared link to match the frequency between transmitter and receiver, easy and simple to use.Dual channel and each channel can have 100 of preset frequencies selectalbe.Both transmitter and receiver have big screen to display the info/status of your wireless microphone system.Each channel has seperated balance output and un-balance output for XLR and 1/4 " jack. Standard size of the receiver can be fixed on the machine rack or in KTV room. More than 32 sets of this series of wireless microphone system can work together without frequency jam.

UHF Dual 200 Channels upgraded Wireless Series: Upgraded dual-channel Infrared PLL wireless microphone system with 200 of preset frequency for each channel.Infrared Link to match the transmitters and receiver, simple and easy to operate.Any handheld microphone, bodypack microphone can set to match the wireless system only need to press the buttom; Pilot frequency function to improve the anti-interference ability.Tone key function to avoid the frequency jamming while other equipments are using the same frequency.Smart Frequency sweep function to avoid the same frequencies with other wireless system.

UHF True Diversity Dual 800 Frequencies Infrared Series : Advanced Configuration True Diversity infrared link wireless microphone system adopt Ratio Switching Diversity which the receiver utilizes both receivers simultaneously.It help to eliminate the blind area(Dead-point)in greatest possible and expand the operating distance excellently.It's perfect choice for the great scale shows such as the great stadium.With all advanced functions to fulfil the extremely use in all kinds of audio wireless system: Infrared Link function, pilot frequency, PLL Synthesized system, tone key locked, audio companding and other most advanced technology.

UHF 2400 Frequencies Smart Wireless Microphone Series: This is galaxy wireless microphone system series.With 24 groups of frequency and each group can have 100 frequencies adjustable.It's also a smart wireless microphone and cope with all kinds of extremely situation.More than 200 of wireless systems can use simultaneously without frequencies jamming each other.The carrier frequency is from 500MHz to 980MHz and the actual use is country depend. Wide range of audio frequency response: 20Hz to 22kHz, balanced output for each channel and Unbalanced for mixed output.

2.4G Digital Wireless Microphone Series: The most advanced 2.4G digital wireless microphone is design for classrooms and KTV rooms. More than 1000 sets of system can be use at the same time.With the unique design of transmitter and receiver. The speaker can clip the pen transmitter or as and handheld microphone. Build-in rechargable lithium cell can work for more than 32 hours. The receiver both can use AC power and 1.5V AA batteries.This series 2.4G wireless microphone is perfect for teaching.Concise and compact design, it is the most powerful stable digital wireless microphone system in this field.

Multi-Channel Wireless Guitar Systerm: This series of wirless system is specially design for professional guitar performance.32 frequencies, 64 frequencies and 128 frequncies and 256 frequencies available for this series. True diversity receiver and the most compact design,CPU control with LCD display;With audio compressing-expanding technology ,the machine can reduce the noises and increase the dynamic range for guitar input. The receiver can adjust to 8Ω or 4Ωspeaker(amplifier) system.Low power comsumption and the working hours can last for 12 hours for good new batteries. Operating distance can reach more than 100 ft.

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